Watch a helicopter get destroyed by physics without even leaving the ground

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Watch a helicopter get destroyed by physics without even leaving the ground

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It was the most stunning helicopter accident Para, Brazil has ever seen. And it all happened without the  helicopter even leaving the ground. The shocking destruction of the plane was caused by a phenomenon called  ground resonance . Like an out-of-balance washing machine, the plane starts shaking more and more violently until the force tears it in half.

Though the destruction was pretty epic, no one was hurt in the accident. They're probably going to need to buy a new helicopter, though.

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ohiguy  •  22 hrs ago

Probably going to need to buy a new helicopter, yeah no kidding. Pilots gonna need some new underwear too.

This is nothing, I've seen Physics destroy highschool students before.

What's funny is that the title implies that some aircraft are not destroyed by physics.

hammerfire  •  1 day 1 hr ago

Its the background laughing that concerns me.

In a related story math started a riot in Florida over some worthless shoes. One onlooker was quoted saying that, "it didn't add up."

Bix  •  7 hrs ago

The gyromechanibearings got discombobulated.

Zippy  •  6 hrs ago

I have been a helicopter pilot since Vietnam and the most stupid thing about this is the fact that the pilot reduced throttle when the oscillation started.

..If the rotor had been turning a lot slower when oscillation then a throttle decrease may have stopped the problem

Rule #1 if ground resonance occurs increase throttle immediately to create lift and almost 100% of the time oscillation will stop. .

The second stupid thing is that they bailed out when the rotor was still turning. After an incident like this a blade or the entire rotor could come off and really ruin your day

Looks like the 3 P's ruled in this case...Panic and P*** poor training

C  •  20 hrs ago

I almost watched this video...and then an advertisement popped up and I stopped it immediately. I would rather not see it than watch 15 seconds worth of worthless advertising.

Somebody shoulda done a better job balancing that ceiling fan,

Physics later went on to murder an elderly woman and later take his own life. R.I.P. physics

was it made in china ?

Now you know why a helicopter is called a chopper

Me  •  4 hrs ago

Ground resonance is only a problem with fully articulated rotor blade systems. Usually caused by lack of dampening in the landing gear or drag hinge dampers. On a fully articulated rotor system one of the blades becomes out of balance which gets worse if you stay on the ground. As soon as the pilot started feeling the effects of ground resonance, he should have brought the helicopter to a hover just a few inches off the ground. I'm a helicopter pilot, but right now I'm flying Robinson helicopters which have a semi rigid rotor system which means I don't have to worry about ground resonance.

Made in china

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