TODAY's Life Illustrated: Love for pets

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TODAY's Life Illustrated: Love for pets

TODAY's Life Illustrated: Love for pets

For this week's edition, viewers submitted photos of their furry best friends.

By Victoria Moll-Ramirez, Weekend TODAY

You may walk them, brush their hair, feed them, but most importantly you love them. For many, pets are like the child they don't or never had, or an additional child. They provide unconditional  warmth and gratitude. The best part is they are like the babies who never really grow up, let alone go through those beloved teenage years.

In this edition of TODAY's Life Illustrated we bring you your love for your pets!

Holy coyote!

 “I swear the cat ate my homework."  Our cat "Wile E. Kayode (Coyote)" is quite the handful!” -Donna Emde, FL

“My ‘little dog’ and favorite buddy- Jack!” -Sandra Guerra, FL

Best of friends

“So much more than a "best friend". Callie is my liver-spotted, 3 year old Dalmatian who enriches my life in so many ways.”

Surf's up!

“Surfing Boys” -Teri Bruce, CT

Submit your own photos to TODAY's Life Illustrated series  at this link , and they could appear on TODAY!






Pets in images


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18 Jan 2012
They totally copied pillow pets -__

So.. its a dog.. dressed as 2 pirates carrying a trea...

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17 May 2012
Dressing your pets up in clothes is silly... and yet utterly genius

Troll Comics's Twitter Photo

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30 Jun 2012
Woooow just fucking did this earlier )))))))): @OMGtrolls Doin lion king with pets

Pets in videos

I Steal Pets - Rachel Bloom

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2 Jun 2011
I Steal Pets - Rachel Bloom: via @youtube

A revolta dos Pets KGC [Teaser Analise]

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9 Jun 2012
Gostei de um vídeo do @YouTubede @Teo_cosplay A revolta dos Pets KGC [Teaser Analise]

Come When Called 1: Puppy Basics | Teacher's Pet With...

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1 Apr 2012
eHow Pets expert @ItsMeOrTheDog shows you how to train your puppy to come when called

Pets in articles

Bull Protettore Murder Mysteries


Bull Protettore Murder Mysteries Murder Mystery novels by AJ Burton Discussion of police procedure, crime fiction, hard-boiled detective stories and comedy! Find real belly-laugh humour here! Friday, January 6, 2012 Tommy was killing time until his shift ended, typing with an enthusiasm that bordered on dereliction of duty and at the speed of someone with chronic arthritis. Every few seconds he glanced at his wristwatch in the forlorn hope that time would somehow speed leap the mechanism so he cou...

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4 Dec 2011

7 Fun Accessories for Your Geeky Pet

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20 May 2012
So now our pets can be tech dependent too?

13 Helpful Apps for Taking Care of Your Pets [INFOGRA...

13 Helpful Apps for Taking Care of Your Pets [INFOGRAPHIC]
When it comes to taking care of your pets, your smartphone can be surprisingly handy. Here are some of the best apps that help you make sure your dogs and cats are happy and safe.

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5 Dec 2011

Pets in sites

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22 Jan 2012
Say no to live animals as pets for Easter please sign up for the cause

Welcome to Smokyo

Welcome to Smokyo
Another Beautiful Japanese Idol March 15, 1991 (1991-03-15) (age 20) Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan Years active 2005-present The most beautiul Japanese woman Apperently, I read somewhere that you can also get mortgages from Shinsei bank. I'm not sure of the details but many foreign friends have been to them when all else fails and other high street banks cant/ dont want to help you out.

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20 Mar 2012

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Vorgeschlagene Sprache (von uns festgelegt): Deutsch Vorgeschlagene Standorteinstellung (von uns festgelegt): Deutschland Durch den Standortfilter werden in Listen wie Meistgesehen und in den Suchergebnissen Videos aus diesem Land bzw. dieser Region angezeigt. Du kannst die einzelnen Einstellungen über die Links unten in der Fußzeile ändern. Klicke auf "OK", um die Einstellung zu übernehmen, oder auf "Abbrechen", um "English (US)" als Sprache und "Weltweit (alle)" als Standortfilter festzulegen. Ab...

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10 Jun 2012