President Obama speech at Pentagon on Defense changes (Live video, tweets)

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President Obama speech at Pentagon on Defense  changes (Live video, tweets)

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@ davidnakamura : Near end of remarks, Obama says Americans understand that US will remain strong with a defense budget larger than next 10 countries combined

@ davidnakamura : With defense budget cuts, Obama says military 'will be leaner, but the world must know the U.S. is going to maintain military superiority'

@ davidnakamura : Obama says US will strengthen presence in Asia-Pacific, which we wrote about during his trip there in November http://t.co/g5PvLy0T

@ davidnakamura : Obama says US can't repeat mistakes of past when "our military was left ill-prepared for the future" ... "won't let that happen on my watch"

@ davidnakamura : Obama at Pentagon says America is "safer ... and stronger" ... after "taking the fight to our enemies"

President Obama speech at Pentagon on Defense changes (Live video, tweets)

President Obama spoke at the Pentagon Thursday morning with Defense Department leaders to unveil a new, austere strategy for the Department of Defense. that the

The Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock and Peter Whoriskey reported the new strategy “will consolidate missions and downsize the ambitions of the armed forces as they adjust to a new era of austerity.”

Watch live video of the speeches here and view live updates from staff reporter David Nakamura after the jump.

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