Thousands take part in May 12 protests, ten arrested

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Thousands take part in May 12 protests, ten arrested

UPDATE: A video showing protesters expose and confront an undercover policeman was added to this piece.

Tel Aviv rally for social justice, May 12 2012 (photo: Activestills)

Around 5,000 protesters in Rabin Square. took part yesterday (Saturday) night in what was labeled “the first social justice demonstration of the summer.” Smaller events took place in other Israeli cities. The protest was part of the international May 12 protest movement, and a live feed from similar rallies around the world was displayed in the square.

The demonstration was organized by a network of local activists, and not by the leaders of last year’s J14 movement. It also did not feature any speeches from politicians, though many of the activists who spoke denounced the recent unity deal between Kadima and the Likud . One of the popular slogans in the rally was “the entire nation is the opposition.”

At least 10 protesters were detained by police after the rally. According to the police, protesters were trying to block central roads in Tel Aviv.

Here are some more images from the rally.

Protesters march in Tel Aviv, May 12 2012 (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills)

Social justice protest in Tel Aviv (photo: Oren Ziv/Activestills)

A sign in social protest rally in Tel Aviv, May 12 2012. Hebrew text - "free papers = brain wash" refers to the freebie Israel Hayom, which is known for its support for Prime Minister Netanyahu (photo: Oren Ziv, Activestiils)


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Tents being set up at Bank. #m12 #occupymay http://t.co/H0EVwPDr

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13 May 2012

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12 May 2012
Police line protects Goldman Sachs as #m12 march approaches

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13 May 2012
Big crowd for teach out in front of the Bank of England. #M12

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13 May 2012
Watching live Stream #globalrevolution - #London #UK #12M #M12 #M12M15 #12M15M #occupy #Protest #Anonymous #Demo #EU


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13 May 2012
Plaza Catalonya #Barcelona #m12 #12mglobal #12m steaming up!

12m - Next Global Action 12 May 2012. We are the 99%....

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23 Feb 2012
You are the 99%!!! On #M12 join us and celebrate!!! · Tú eres el 99%!!! El #12M ven a celebrarlo!!! #12M15M

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OccupyStream - Live Revolution

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12 May 2012
12M - #Live-Streams - All #Occupy Streams - #Video #Global #World #EU #Demo #Protest #12M15M #M12

#M12 May 12th 2012 - everywhere. Join us. Rise up!

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27 Mar 2012
@OccupyOregon "rEVOLUCIÓN GLOBAL Starts May 12 in Europe | #M12 #12M #GLOBALCHANGE" #ows

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11 May 2012