Lola Byrd Loves Giving Slow Sloppy Blowjobs In The Morning

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Lola Byrd Loves Giving Slow Sloppy Blowjobs In The Morning

by Lola Byrd on November 16, 2012

Initially this post was about the scientific explanation behind morning wood, I was all set to go, but then Bucky pointed out that he wrote the exact same post yesterday . I have no idea how I missed that?! Bucky blames the fact that Mercury is in retrograde, but then again, he’s also convinced Pornhub Katie, Pornhub Jordan, and Alpha Harlot all  have the hots for him. Anyhow, I still want to talk about morning wood, so Bucky can suck it.

If you ask me, morning wood is a wonderful phenomena. There’s nothing like waking up after a full night’s sleep with a stiff prick pressed against your ass.

Seriously boys, wouldn’t you just love to wake up next to a chick you gets instantly wet at the sight of your boner? One of the greatest things in life is that moment in the morning when your half asleep and half awake, you know,  just enjoying the comfort of your bed. But the absolute greatest thing in life is having someone draw you out of that state with their lips around your dick.

I love giving head , but sometimes I’m greedy and I want to pack in as many sexy activities in one session as possible, so if I don’t have access to that particular cock on a regular basis I don’t always go in for the straight up blow-job, which is a shame, because sometimes it’s great to focus on one activity at a time.

Time and access permitting, I like to start sucking on a guy’s dick first thing in the morning. When both of you are still half asleep, it’s nice to take your time and enjoy that fat juicy cock in between your lips. There’s no hurry, you can make it last. It’s not a race, I like to start slow and sloppy.

Putting more intensity and precision into my cock sucking skills as sleep starts to become a distant memory. Increasing the speed and pressure until he’s almost to the brink, stopping, and starting all over again until his balls are so tight against his body I can feel him straining to hold back to make the pleasure last. And on and on like that until he can’t take it anymore and I can finally suck him dry .!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

My work here is done.

That description gave me some solid evening wood.

Morning wood is awesome for a guy too. They’re really the best boners we get all day.!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd


I dunno, it just feels harder, stronger and so much more natural. And since there’s no cause for it, morning wood seems like it’s celebration of life itself.!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

Sounds good to me. Kind of having penis envy right now.

Luemmel!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd



My girl loves to give me blowjobs, but she does not wake up even remotely early enough to handle my morning wood. Although I am occasionally woken up in the middle of the night with her lips wrapped around my cock, so I can’t complain.!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

Nope, you can’t complain. You should thank your lucky stars and praise her like the goddess she is. blazintommyd!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd


Holy shit someone noticed I was gone. The ego has been stoked for the day.


I had a good one for you this morning, though I’ve become a major fan of good morning anal. Starting with a nice sloppy BJ would fit right into that session nicely.

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