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How it Works:

User Visits Page tab -> Likes page -> Allows App (get Birthday and Name) -> Photo Published to wall (Your going to die from a blablabla) -> Redirects to a custom URL.

Basic Requirements:

user visits Page => Please like to continue ... (like gateway) then after like they get shown the app auth dialog.


PHP GD => Generates the image to be uploaded to facebook.

Redirect => After upload, app redirects to a Custom URL.


Must be easily Customizable => meaning the app name, image background, can easily be changed via a config file.

Not got a BIG Budget, but if successful I'll make sure to make it up to the developer with a share of app profits!

Skills required:


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$25 per hour

$100 Milestone Requested

5 hours ago

$240 Milestone Requested

5 hours ago

100% Completion Rate

We are Facebook GURU, We have a team of well experienced and highly qualified Developers to do this job and we Produce Quality results at very reasonable Prices. Please check your PM for proposal details.

$15 per hour

$105 Milestone Requested

3 hours ago

$256 Milestone Requested

7 hours ago

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Scheherezade Surià's Twitter Photo

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3 Sep 2012
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1.56 million or 1 in 20 #freelance - here  some real #freelancers show us what this looks like in #London morning rush
1.56 million or 1 in 20 #freelance - here some real #freelancers show us what this looks like in #London morning rush

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22 Nov 2011

Pet Lifestyle Consultant

Pet Lifestyle Consultant
All photos/writings are property of Sophie Robbins unless otherwise noted. Any and all inquires can be addressed to:     Pet Product Reviewer|Field Research Field Product Testing/Research: personally field testing pet friendly products for myself and/or my pets. I.E. dog walking harness & leash , dog walking accessories , dog collars ,  pet I.D. tags , holistic natural cat treats , pet foods,  blueberry dog treats , gear &  small dog clothing ,  books , etc. I especially e...

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2 Jul 2011

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22 Jul 2013
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8 Jan 2012


Uploaded by blogcommunaute on 2011-12-19.

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19 Dec 2011

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Thanks for visiting with us today. There has been an explosion in the need for online writers, regardless of skill. These companies are more interested in your honest genuine opinions when you're writing blog entries about their company... not if you are a very talented writer. Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, such as blogging about a movie that you recently saw, commenting on what your opinion is of a certain kind of car, proof reading simple documents and more. If you're looki...

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16 Nov 2011

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27 Apr 2012
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Job: C++ Developer for mobile app

24th February 2012 We’re looking for an experienced mobile and C++ developer for an immediate freelance project, with the likelihood of future work, if all goes well. We looking for, in particular: 3+ years of experience developing on Android and iOS 3+ years of development experience including deployment of commercial services A strong background in Objective-C, C++ and Java Experience using the Ideaworks/ Marmalade SDK will be a major advantage We’re based in East London, and looking to fill this...

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24 Feb 2012

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