Any touring band members want to get married for health insurance? | Blog | Lambgoat

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Any touring band members want to get married for health insurance? | Blog | Lambgoat

This is one of the stranger submissions we've received via our contact form in recent years, but it seems somewhat practical, right? Perhaps in addition to being mutually beneficial, a love connection will be made.

Here's the original submission:

"This is totally random, but do you guys know a touring band member that needs full health insurance?... in exchange for marrying me. I'm in the military and I want to live off post and I have to be married to do this. I would prefer a touring guy because if they ask where he is I can say 'touring' :) Thanks either way... I know this is random. Love you guys!"

If you're game, let us know, and we'll pass your information along to this pragmatic young lady.

Throw in some anal and you got a deal

insurance isn't hardcore

No ButtHole, No Care

xxryanxx   posted 17 hours ago

I'm not in a touring band but desperately need health insurance. Do I still have a chance?

Id have to see her first. But I'm game.

withoutashield   posted 16 hours ago

Yeah well listen lady, they could be playing BF3 all day and you could still say they're "touring."


anonymous   posted 15 hours ago

what a dumb*** #1 i am in the military and this is frauding the government with a contract marriage.....u do what u want, i don care but posting it on the internet...evidently she is not very smart...sure marry

I already have insurance

It's a trap!

ineedsalt   posted 14 hours ago

army chick? i dunno... but if you can hear that little pop when it goes in the poo that could be the way to go

anonymous   posted 13 hours ago

Defrauding the government is always smart. Good luck moving up the ranks with ideas like this..remember that all ranks can view what you wrote, and they are.

anonymous   posted 12 hours ago

Get health insurance and never have to see you wife? Best thing ever!

anonymous   posted 11 hours ago

I read some of the posts from other military members. I am also in the military. I was on a ship where people got caught doing this (fraud marriage arrangements to get more money and live off the ship), and they were kicked out of the miltary for this along with having to pay a bunch of money back to the government.

anonymous   posted 11 hours ago

If she is in the military there is 99% chance she looks dumpy as hell. No pics necessary.

I bet she listens to Hatebreed too. Eww

anonymous   posted 9 hours ago

is lambgoat arranging marriages now...chances are if someone actually follows through with this, your not going to get laid. Although i can't picture an argument coming out of this considering your both complete strangers, who have nothing to talk about.

what if I'm just a touring homeless guy?

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