Apple Announces WWDC 2012: June 11-15

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Apple Announces WWDC 2012: June 11-15

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone West June 11 to 15, the company has announced.

Just like last year, the conference will focus on Apple’s two major software platforms: iOS and OS X.

“We have a great WWDC planned this year and can’t wait to share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion with developers,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Given that June is traditionally the month when the next-generation iPhone is announced, it’ll definitely be in the mix this year, too. The iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 were both announced at WWDC, but iPhone 4S strayed from this tradition and was announced in October 2011.

It’s interesting to note that WWDC 2012 is happening approximately two weeks after Tim Cook takes the stage at AllThingsD‘s D10 conference, which probably means we’ll learn a bit about WWDC’s program in advance.

For attendees, WWDC brings more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers, 100 hands-on labs staffed by more than 1,000 Apple engineers, Apple Design Awards, which recognize the best iPhone, iPad and Mac apps and the opportunity to connect with other iOS and OS X developers.

The conference is open to members of the iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program, with the admission price of $1,599.

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