Halo Headlines: Trumbo's Recovery Delayed Again, What Other Moves the Angels Need to Make, Spring Training Tickets On Sale Soon | January

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The January 5th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including Trumbo's recovery delayed again, what other moves the Angels still need to make, and spring training tickets to go on sale soon and much more...

The Monkey Says: This is a very bad sign.  Trumbo was supposed to be all healed up months ago, but now he is not going to start rehabbing until spring training, and it sounds as if that isn't even a guarantee at this point.  At a minimum, this should just about completely scrap the notion of him moving to third base.  It also makes it even more important that Kendrys Morales not suffer any recovery setbacks of his own, otherwise the Angels will be looking at Bobby Abreu as the full-time DH.

The Monkey Says: If you are going to spring training for the first time, buy your tickets early.  The Angels are normally a hot ticket in Arizona as it is, so I can only imagine that tickets will be even harder to come by with so many folks hoping to get a sneak peak at Albert Pujols in an Angels uniform.

The Story: A look ahead at when/if Albert Pujols will pass a long list of impressive career milestones.

The Monkey Says: I never even thought about the Angel franchise records he has a chance at breaking, but he definitely has a shot and I just didn't realize it because I failed to realize just how long ten years really is.

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Garrett Wilson, a lifelong die-hard Angel fan, is the primary contributor, editor-in-chief and Supreme Overlord of  In addition to his rantings about the Halos, Garrett has also covered baseball, basketball and fantasy sports for a variety of internet outlets.  You can contact Garrett via email , Facebook and Twitter .

Ryan Falla, a bi-weekly columnist for the site, aslo handles game preview/recap duties Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  When Ryan isn't spending far too much time eating, sleeping and breathing the Angels, he is an English major at Cal Poly Pomona.  There is also a good chance Ryan might be a wizard due to his Game Preview prediction skills.  You can contact Ryan via email and Twitter .

Jonathan Lyons, our weekend game preview/recap specialist and unabashed Angel apologist.  Jon is also a big music fan and father to three boys who he is raising to scowl at the mere sight of the Rangers.  In a related note, Jon has been nominated for Father of the Year.  You can contact Jon via Twitter .

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